OUTWARD is the mindset that we live by that allows us reach out to our community with the life changing love of Jesus Christ by BUILDING Community, ENGAGING Purpose and LIVING Outward. These 3 actions when applied produce individual change which in turn produces better people, families and communities.

Building Community

Essentially the local church serves as a bridge by building relationships with people. Most churches desperately underestimate the gap that exists between them and the people in their surrounding communities. 'Churched' individuals recognize the importance and benefits of belonging to and actively participating in the local church.


However, people with little or no experience in the local church rarely even think about church due to a wide variety of reasons. Add the perceptions and experiences they have had with church or church people and you begin to appreciate the enormous gap that exists between a church and its community. This gap is reinforced by their own disappointment with church/God over painful episodes in their life.


The only way the church will have the opportunity to build our community is to build relational bridges. The first step to accomplishing our church's mission is to build genuine relationships with the organizations and people in our community preparing the way to potentially introduce them to the local church and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Engaging Purpose

There is a great story of a machine. Not just any machine but a machine that was so intricate and complex that very few people knew the mechanics of how it worked. This machine was very reliable, always functioned without any flaws. Every individual who had the opportunity to see this machine was always awestruck with the awesomeness of this machine. That is, until one day the question was asked; "What does this thing do?" No one really knew the answer. The machine produced nothing, operated nothing and really had no purpose other than running flawlessly when the 'on' switch was activated.

A lot of us in life are like this machine, we work very hard and even flawlessly at times. We are very careful to work hard enough to impress those that are watching but in the end we look back and see that there really has been no meaning to our work. Life really cannot even begin until we begin to understand our God-given purpose.

This is accomplished through the art of discipleship - people working and walking with each other through the wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful process of discovering our purpose.

Through the pursuit of purpose we begin to know God more and in turn actually continue doing the things necessary to know Him even more as our purpose is continuously revealed. At Outward Ministries we walk out the journey of Engaging Purpose together with those in our community understanding that Purpose gives us true meaning in our lives, keeps us focused and provides motivation to pursue life with a passion.

Living Outward

At Outward Ministries we are constantly striving to walk in our God given purpose. As a result of this pursuit, a life of fulfillment can be expected. Many great men and women have understood this from martyrs to presidents. If you are walking in your purpose you can expect to live an outward and abundant life.


True life comes through discovering your purpose in Christ. In John 1:4 it states that life comes from Jesus Christ and that that “life is the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness…”. In John 11:25 Jesus says “I am the resurrection and the life” In John 14:6 Jesus states: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

He also says in John 10:10 that He came that they (his church) may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

We are called to share that life to the world in Mark 16:15 as the body of Christ described in I Corinthians 12.

Our goal is to walk this commission out as individuals in our families and communities at large. We want to be a conduit by which the grace, truth, mercy and power of Jesus Christ can be activated in a person's life to the point that they are equipped, enriched and empowered to live a purpose filled, Outward existence.